With Delhi Vaults & Locker, you don't just hire a locker but instead secure peace of mind knowing that your irreplaceable valuables and important documents are safe from theft, fire or being misplaced and are available to you at anytime during regular business hours. The vault premises are under 24 hours CCTV surveillance and all the footage is recorded and stored for safety purposes. Apart from this Gunman with rifle(loaded with 5 rounds)during working hrs.

Delhi Vaults & Locker allows its safe deposit vault holders (or other authorized parties) to freely access their lockers at anytime during business hours after verification of the holder's signature. Every Locker in the vault is accessible only with the help of two keys. The vault representative always accompanies the locker holder to their respective lockers and helps them unlock their lockers. DVL or any of its representatives do not have a Duplicate of the second key, therefore no one but the locker holder or his/her authorised party have access to your valuables.

    Godrej Lockers under BIS standards, adhere to the strict guidelines of International Standards like Underwriters Laboratory (UL) of USA / Vds of Germany.
    Each lock is designed to have a minimum of 10,00,000 (One million) possible combinations.
    (1) 11 Layer Physical Security before accessing in locker.

(2) 5 Layer of Electronic Security (Biometric, CCTV, Motion Sensors, Sound Sensors, Smoke Detectors).
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