Delhi Vaults and Lockers are fitted with best of Godrej equipment approved by Reserve Bank Of India for 100 % Security. Each of the vault house has a 3.5 ft thick with iron mesh walls and a Godrej door of slab thickness 187 mm( Godrej Defender Plus "STRONG ROOM DOOR" ), making it totally secure. In addition, there is security all around the clock with armed guards, 24x7 online alarm systems with dual controls, electromagnetic doors, online cameras and infrared motion sensors and wall sensors. Each of these Vaults have been heavily insured against natural calamities. Each Locker is fitted with dual control locks to insure total security for our esteem customers. Facility of additional locks is provided at nominal costs.

To be really safe, a vault must be unassailable from every direction. That includes walls, floors, roofs, slabs and doors. When we say unassailable, we mean:

  • 1. Our equipments and know hows are provided only by the most reliable and famous name in the security business - Godrej.
  • 2. 3.5 ft thick steel reinforced walls.
  • 3. 187 mm Godrej Defender Plus "STRONG ROOM DOOR" hammer, drill, oxyacetylene flame, explosive, fire and burglar resisting alarm vault door. Whereas banks generally use a Banker's Quality Door which is cheaper and less secure.
  • 4. 24 hours round-the-clock security. Each locker has a dual control lock and no one key can open a second lock. Burglar Alarm System.

Collection of information & how we use it We need to collect information about individuals who wish rent our vaults, that will assist us in providing better service to you - our client. This personal information is collected so that Delhi Vaults and Lockers can conduct its business in a proper manner. When you make an enquiry and submit your information through this website, we need to know your name, e-mail, phone number, street address, postal address, method of payment and a brief description about your enquiry. This allows us to update our records and the online web page services.

When taking this information all reasonable steps are taken to ensure the safety of the information supplied. Delhi Vaults and Lockers does not disclose the information it collects to third parties.

Delhi Vaults and Lockers will only release customer information in accordance with the DPFs, where disclosure is required or authorized by law or there is a serious threat to life or public safety we believe, in good faith.

Delhi Vaults and Lockers Protects Customer Information When you provide your details to Delhi Vaults and Lockers or submit them on our website, we offer the use of a secure server. Delhi Vaults and Lockers will use and keep this information in compliance with the requirements of the law and in accordance with any other agreed requirements.

Security of Information Personal information used by Delhi Vaults and Lockers for required purposes may be stored, processed, managed, or recorded either electronically or physically on a computer or local server in a record. This information will be kept and used in compliance with the requirements of the law and in accordance with any other agreements or agreed requirements.

Access Where Delhi Vaults and Lockers holds personal information about you, you may request access by calling Delhi Vaults and Lockers on ******** and then when seeking this information you may be required to:
put your request in writing and provide suitable identification to provide further details to assist in responding to your request.
Privacy Complaints All complaints will be logged on a database / complaints register. We will respond to all queries and investigate any complaints within 14 days.

    Godrej Lockers under BIS standards, adhere to the strict guidelines of International Standards like Underwriters Laboratory (UL) of USA / Vds of Germany.
    Each lock is designed to have a minimum of 10,00,000 (One million) possible combinations.
    (1) 11 Layer Physical Security before accessing in locker.

(2) 5 Layer of Electronic Security (Biometric, CCTV, Motion Sensors, Sound Sensors, Smoke Detectors).
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