Delhi vaults and Lockers is one of the first privately owned safe deposit locker facilities in North And West Delhi.Now sleep peacefully without any worries. We bring to you complete safety. The walls of our Strong a room are thick with iron meshes, making it impossible to be breached without being detected. We provide some very distinct advantaged over Bank Lockers. We have longer working hours, better equipment's (lockers), we have more security, and are in a convenient location. We have a greater variety of lockers size to suit everyone's needs.

About the lockers

Godrej Safe Deposit Locker Cabinets are protecting the valuables of millions of people, in over 10,000 vaults located all over the country. That's the kind of trust people have in Godrej. Not only bankers, but private safe deposit vault owners as well, have realised the pressing need for Godrej Safe Deposit Locker Cabinets. Godrej Safe Deposit Locker Cabinets are designed to meet the most stringent specifications. They are manufactured in a modern, well - equipped plant - the largest of its kind in the country. Godrej's uncompromising quality standards and rigidly controlled manufacturing processes result in Cabinets that are superior in all aspects - security, reliability, strength and aesthetics - to any other available in the market.

About The Door

187 mm Godrej Defender Plus "STRONG ROOM DOOR" hammer, drill, oxyacetylene flame, explosive, fire and burglar resisting alarm vault door. Whereas, banks generally use a Banker's Quality Door which is cheaper and less secure.

Variety Locker Sizes

To meet the varying needs of each customer we offer a range of Variety different locker sizes. As a special feature to meet your needs of storing all your valuables, we also offer large sized lockers (Suitcase Size). You can Store 4 To 8 Suitcases in Largest Locker.

Ideal Location

Delhi Vaults and Lockers is ideally located in Pitam Pura in gated society. Around the clock 5 To 6 Security Men are on duty in society.

. Godrej Lockers under BIS standards, adhere to the strict guidelines of International Standards like Underwriters Laboratory (UL) of USA / Vds of Germany.

. Are built to withstand Vibrations and undergo rigorous testing to ensure compliance with guidelines.

. Each lock is designed to have a minimum of 10,00,000 (One million) possible combinations.

. All working parts of the lock mechanism are constructed from approved corrosion resistant materials and have to comply with Salt Spray Corrosion Test.
. First Time in Northern Delhi & Western Delhi

. We use 'Godrej Lockers' - The best in the industry

. Open 7 days a week

. Timing : 10:00 AM TO - 7:00 PM

. Fully Air - Conditioned

. Conference Room & a Jewellery changing room

. Operating Under RBI Norms

. Strong Room built according to BIS Standards

. Godrej built strong room door which is resistant to Water/Fire/Bullets

. Water/Fire/Bullet Resistant Service Desk at the front

. Enrol multiple locker operators

. Private cabin for discreet handling of valuables

. High quality 36 Nights vision equipped CCTV

. Large Size Lockers, customisable to suit Hirer's choice

. Easy Documentation
(1) 11 Layer Physical Security before accessing in locker.

(2) 5 Layer of Electronic Security (Biometric, CCTV, Motion Sensors, Sound Sensors, Smoke Detectors).

(3) Car Parking Inside Premises.

(4) Around Clock Security

(5) Two Keys with customer, without which the locker cannot be opened. Total 3 Keys required to open locker.

(6) Option for Extra Inner Lock, its sole key remains in possession of Hirer.

(7) Situated in 100% gated society having more than 5 guards on Around Clock duty.
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